A new way to use Sounds

Explore exclusive presets, build beats, and jumpstart your sound with Splice’s new plugins Beatmaker and Astra.

New presets for your new plugins

Beatmaker and Astra offer access to a new collection of presets created by industry pros and artists you love. Instantly throw down a sound you like, then tweak it to make it yours in seconds. Either way, every sound is guaranteed to go hard.  

Build faster with Beatmaker

Beatmaker is designed for creative efficiency. Flip through rhythms and grooves until you find the perfect drum kit to make your track march. With Beatmaker, your creative process won't get held up at the heartbeat.

Cook up any sound with Astra

Astra is a full-featured synthesizer plugin and a genuine shapeshifter of its own. With its exclusive curated presets, you'll never run out of starting points and sources for your sound. 

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